Google Duo camera not working? Ultimate Fix and Troubleshooting Guide 2024

Google Duo Camera Not Working? Ultimate Fix and Troubleshooting Guide 2024

Diagnose and resolve Google Duo camera issues with our comprehensive troubleshooting guide and online camera testing tool

Updated on February 11, 2024

How to Fix Duo Camera Not Working

  1. Check Duo Permissions
    • Open Settings on your device.
    • Navigate to Apps > Duo.
    • Ensure Camera is enabled.
  2. Check Camera Privacy Settings
    • Open Settings on your device.
    • Navigate to Privacy > Camera.
    • Ensure Duo is enabled.
  3. Update Duo App
    • Open the app store on your device.
    • Search for Duo.
    • If an update is available, tap Update.
  4. Restart Your Device
    • Press and hold the power button on your device.
    • Tap Restart.
    • After your device restarts, try using Duo again.
  5. Contact Duo Support
    • Visit the Duo support website.
    • Click on the 'Contact Us' button.
    • Provide details of your issue and submit your request.

If you've followed all the steps and your Duo camera is still not working, there may be an underlying issue with your device's hardware. In this case, it's recommended to contact the device manufacturer for further assistance.

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