Mac camera not working? Ultimate Fix and Troubleshooting Guide 2024

Mac Camera Not Working? Ultimate Fix and Troubleshooting Guide 2024

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Updated on January 14, 2024

Fix Mac Camera Not Working

  1. Restart Your Mac
    • Click on the Apple menu and select "Restart".
    • Wait for your Mac to restart and check if the camera is working.
  2. Check Camera Permissions
    • Go to "System Preferences" > "Security & Privacy" > "Privacy" tab.
    • Select "Camera" from the left sidebar.
    • Make sure the apps you want to use the camera with are checked.
  3. Reset NVRAM and SMC
    • Reset NVRAM:
    • Shut down your Mac.
    • Press the power button and immediately hold down Option + Command + P + R.
    • Hold these keys for about 20 seconds, or until you hear the startup chime a second time.
    • Release the keys and allow your Mac to boot up.
    • Reset SMC:
    • Shut down your Mac.
    • Connect the MagSafe charger to your Mac.
    • Press and hold Shift + Control + Option on the left side of the built-in keyboard, then press the power button.
    • Hold these keys for 10 seconds, then release them.
    • Press the power button to turn on your Mac.
  4. Check for macOS Updates
    • Go to "System Preferences" > "Software Update".
    • Check for available updates and install them if prompted.
  5. Contact Apple Support
    • Visit the Apple Support website:
    • Contact Apple Support via phone or chat.

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