Kamera WhatsApp tidak berfungsi pada Mac ? Panduan Pembetulan dan Penyelesaian Masalah Terbaik 2024

Kamera Whatsapp Tidak Berfungsi Pada Mac ? Panduan Pembetulan Dan Penyelesaian Masalah Terbaik 2024

Diagnosis dan selesaikan isu kamera WhatsApp pada Mac dengan panduan penyelesaian masalah komprehensif kami dan alat ujian kamera dalam talian

Dikemas kini pada 25 Januari 2024

[Solution] WhatsApp Camera Not Working on Mac

  1. Check Camera Permissions
    • Go to System Preferences from the Apple menu.
    • Select Security & Privacy.
    • Click the Privacy tab, then select Camera from the sidebar.
    • Make sure the checkbox next to WhatsApp is ticked to allow camera access.
  2. Update macOS
    • Click the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
    • Go to Software Update.
    • If an update is available, click Update Now and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Restart WhatsApp
    • Right-click the WhatsApp icon in the Dock.
    • Select Quit.
    • Re-open WhatsApp from the Applications folder or Dock.
  4. Reinstall WhatsApp
    • Quit WhatsApp if it's running.
    • Move the WhatsApp application to the Trash.
    • Download the latest version of WhatsApp from the official website.
    • Install the downloaded WhatsApp package.
  5. Check Third-Party Apps
    • Close all other apps that might be using the camera.
    • Restart your Mac to ensure no conflicting apps are running in the background.
    • If the issue persists, consider uninstalling recently installed apps that may be causing the problem.
  6. Contact WhatsApp Support
    • Go to WhatsApp's support website.
    • Click Contact Us in the top right corner.
    • Select the relevant issue and provide detailed information about the camera problem.